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tisdag, december 11, 2007

Anna Charlottes 'Lace'

Anna Charlotte , designern till de vackra rosenmattorna, se tidigare, har fått en ny matta i sin kollektion. Den heter 'Lace' och är handtuftad i ull/silke.

Anna Charlotte, the designer with the lovely rose rugs, see earlier post, have a new rug in her collection. It's called 'Lace'.

2 kommentarer:

Sam Suttie sa...

I love this because it's almost organic so when it's on the floor it has it's own personality but without taking over. Really cool. South Africa is so behind in flooring it's a bit sad...:(

purple area sa...

Nunu pepe, really.. I was surprised about how often you had cow or zebra skin on the floors. Looked very nice.

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