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söndag, november 18, 2007

Skogskänsla i Varberg

Arkitekterna från Strata Arkitektur har fått ett pris i tidningen Arkitektur för sin förmåga att få det här huset i trä och betong att smälta in med naturen. Läs artikeln i Sydsvenskan här.

Architecture in wood and concrete in harmony with the forest and nature. The architectures from Strata Arkitektur won a prize for this project in the magazine Arkitektur. From an article in Sydsvenskan (in swedish).

8 kommentarer:

cotedetexas sa...

Purple: thank you so much for your sweet comment!

What a lovely blog you have. I'm going to read it today!!!!


Anonym sa...

Så underbart fridfullt. Så skulle jag kunna bo. Det är konstigt, jag tilltalas SÅ mycket av detta raka enkla, fastän mitt hem är helt annorlunda. Jag tror jag måste ha två hem.... ;-)

Anonym sa...

A dream home! How fascinating! (incredibly beautiful blog)

Archana Srinivas Pottery sa...

Wow...what a great space..love the glass windows and amazing view of nature:-)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog:-)

U have a lovely blog:-)


Denise Kiggan sa...

Thank You for visiting my blog! I have so enjoyed looking through yours. What beautiful pictures of my home country!
Thanks for always translating into English!!!
I will be back to visit some more!

Stratos Bacalis sa...

Amazing house! And Strata! Like my name, Stratos!

purple area sa...

Cote de texas, I'm happy you like min too!
Pethra, ja är det inte lite av ett dilemma.
A fanciful twist, yes, maybe it is a home to dream about. Glad you like the blog.
Arch, yes, the the view is something extra. And thank you too.
Freshly found, thanks for stopping by.
Sandman, oh that was a fun coincidence.

Anonym sa...

This is definitely the type of cottage I am dreaming of. Modern architecture, on the top of a hill and feeling spacious but not too big.

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